Tapikeo - Press kit

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Press kit

What press says about Tapikeo

"This app is really so open-ended that I can’t write an exhaustive list of the ways you can put it to work for you" - "I’m confident that your family will quickly find many ways to put this unique app to use." - Score: 5/5.AppsForHomeSchooling.com

"For its originality and multiple use Tapikeo is moving to Fun Educational Apps TOP PICKS!". FunEducationalApps.com

"I think the open-ended possibilities to Tapikeo are terrific" - "The flexibility here is wonderful and I think the app will be a great benefit to families with young children". TheiPhoneMom.com

"This app is so unique in its field it would be a shame to pass it up" - "I have honestly never seen anything like this, it’s really cool". Score: 4.5/5 AghooReview.com

"As with the app's functionality, the sharing possibilities are outstanding" - "I recommended the app and it has definite five-star potential". SmartAppsForKids.com

Score: 5/5. Award Winning Educational App Review-apps.weebly.com

"I couldn’t be happier with the app’s approach. It’s the stuff that sighs of relief are made of" - "Tapikeo is an extremely affordable app that your family is going to love. Go get it." - Score: 5/5 & Editor's choice ! BestAppsForKids.com

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