Tapikeo, your pictures have a voice!

Tapikeo allows you and your children to easily and quickly create your own audio-enabled picturebooks, storyboards, visual schedules, memory aids, audio flashcards, and more using a versatile grid style layout.
Create engaging combinations of your own photographs and narration for pre-reading children to enjoy independently, or watch the imagination of your older children soar with this unique method of creative expression.

Here is a demo for Tapikeo HD 2.0 from DailyAppShow.com

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  • With Tapikeo Premium (in app purchase), download and use for free ready-to-use grids directly from the server , import/export your grids with iTunes or by e-mail,
  • Lock mode, in order to play without risk.
  • 3 modes to diplay pictures (normal, big sized, big sized only during sound)
  • 2 sound modes : symphony or sequential
  • Menus available in English or French

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